Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review: Changing My Wardrobe by Deb Hanrahan

Title: Changing My Wardrobe
Author: Deb Hanrahan
Publisher: Philyra Publishing, May 16, 2011
Pages: Paperback, 258
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From Goodreads: Incoming freshman, Lindsey Ames, wants to take Italian, and she wants to join the National Honor Society. She wants a new image, and she wants better clothes. She wants Avery to stop tormenting her, and she wants Marco to ask her out. She wants Jocelyn to go away, but she wants Grouper to be happy. She wants to save Teeny’s reputation, but she doesn’t want to lose everything. Will Lindsey find the courage to stand up to her enemies before it’s too late?


My Rating: (3/5)

I really enjoyed reading this book and it took me right back to high school. Whatever clique you fit into or group you mesh with, your friends are the biggest part of high school that you’ll ever remember. I can say this with confidence because I’ve graduated from high school and college, and I know the difference.

The main character and I may share a name (different spelling) but I can completely identify with her. Lindsey is shy and likes to stay out of the limelight while her best friend Teeny lives for it. And in true high school form, they both have a common enemy who is relentless.

Changing My Wardrobe is real on so many levels because it clearly shows how easy it is for teens to get out of hand. Just merely existing in a “good girl” high school bubble isn’t enough to survive high school, as Deb Hanrahan shows. While I was not expecting the ending to Changing My Wardrobe at all, I do know that the ultimate ending made me think and reflect on the entire scenario. Lindsey isn’t a perfect martyr or hero. She’s actually a great representation of what a real girl would look like in the midst of such high school crap. Overall, I love her character, but I wish I was more prepared for the surprise ending.

And oh yeah, I like the characters so much I want a spin-off!


Deb Hanrahan said…

Great Review!!! FYI, a spin-off is in the works.

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